may 23, 2016.

The retraining of managers!

To improve the level of service to our customers in the company DTtermo Group systematically runs corporate training-seminars for managers. These workshops managers, in addition to active sales, will be able to offer customers competent technical advice, as well as quickly produce a professional selection of equipment and materials, HVAC and VC without the involvement of the technical Department.

  • At one of the seminars addressed the following topics:
  • Central system ventilation and air-conditioning.
  • Freon and water systems.
  • Ventilation and refrigeration, working principle, technical features and characteristics.
  • the Relationship of types of equipment and materials in the overall system.
  • Selection of ventilation and refrigeration equipment.

As a result, qualification our specialists will get some knowledge that will enhance the level of organization of work processes that will help to make our service better and more timely when dealing with clients of our company.