april 28, 2016.

The integration of the company "Ridan" in the structure of the company "Danfoss"!

DTtermo the company informs that in January 2016 began the process of integration of the company "Ridan", the largest domestic manufacturer of plate heat exchangers, the structure of the company "Danfoss", the world's leading manufacturer of energy-saving equipment. Today the company "Ridan" fully meets standards "Danfoss" in terms of quality management and organization of business processes, so integration will take place in the shortest possible time.

Subsequently, the merger expanded the range of manufactured products. It is now possible to select and order gasketed plate heat exchangers from the series "Ridan" and "Danfoss". The existing range of CTO "Ridan" was supplemented by the sizes of the "Danfos" XGF025, XGM032 and XGM050. The standard series expansion will allow us to offer better solutions of problems of heat transfer. All sizes of heat exchangers are manufactured at the production complex "Ridan" and undergo a mandatory comprehensive quality control at every stage of production.

Our technicians DTtermo have extensive experience with equipment "Ridan" and "Danfoss", always happy to produce a professional selection, will give advice and arrange timely delivery. In the near future the release of the updated version of our catalogue DTtermo with integral series gasketed plate heat exchangers, which You'll be able to get Your personal Manager or you download the link http://dttermo.ru/ru/katalog.htm