december 23, 2020.

Supply of dry coolers Alfa Laval

The business center is located in the historical and business center of Moscow, on 2nd Brestskaya Street. Includes an office part, retail and infrastructure enterprises and a three-story underground parking.

The facility is currently under active construction.

DT Termo Group supplies Alfa Laval dry coolers of the Alfa-V VDD series. The total capacity is over 10 MW per facility.

The Alfa-V VDD series is designed for heavy duty V-type dry coolers for air conditioning, refrigeration and many other industrial applications.

Main advantages:

  • Body, legs and frames made of galvanized steel with high corrosion resistance
  • High performance with reduced power consumption and small footprint
  • Frame design is highly rigid, provides vibration and thermal expansion protection
  • The fans are equipped with EC motors with a built-in thermal contact for reliable protection against overheating
  • High energy efficiency - low maintenance cost
  • The innovative design of the heat exchanger section provides excellent heat transfer
  • Excellent noise performance
  • High reliability, Eurovent certified (for VDD)
  • Easy to install and maintain