june 22, 2017.

New TA-Modulator DN 15-80!

Dear partners, company DT Termo Group informs You that the company IMI Hydronic Engineering has released a new valve TA-Modulator DN 15-80.

This new line of combined balancing and control valves independent of pressure drop for modulating control.

the Valve with a unique independent eqm characteristics, it is compatible with a linear proportional or 3-point actuators.

Built-in differential pressure regulator provides excellent control, stability regulation and automatic limiting design flow.

the measurement of the flow rate and available pressure gives the possibility of optimization and diagnosis system.

Key features of these valves are:

- Accurate temperature control - provides a unique shape EQM characteristics for modulating control.

- Precise control - equal percentage (EQM) characteristic with a unique curve shape allows to 6 times larger working stroke than that of valves with linear characteristics.

- Fast hydraulic balancing - automatic limiting of the flow at the fully open actuator protects the whole system against cost overruns.

- Simple Troubleshooting the measurement of flow and pressure drop helps reduce energy consumption of the pump, and gives all the necessary information to diagnose the system.

Our technicians DT Termo Group are always glad to make a professional selection, to provide the necessary technical support and to organize the timely supply of materials. We also inform that our warehouse is always maintained constant stock of popular items.