july 17, 2019.

New generation split systems Systemair - Sysplit Wall Smart!

Dear partners, the company DT Termo Group informs You that in 2019 the company Systemair brings to the market new household inverter split systems Sysplit Wall Smart V4 Evo and systems of constant performance Sysplit Wall Smart V4.

Model range includes:

  • Wall indoor and outdoor units with higher cooling capacity from 2.2 to 7 kW,
  • Inverter indoor units from the new series Sysplit Wall Smart V4 Evo, which will be fully compatible with the current models of outdoor units for multi-split sysplit Multi Evo systems.

Moreover, all heat exchangers of the new sysplit Wall Smart split systems are coated with a special anti-corrosion coating that provides a high level of comfort in the room and prolongs the life of the equipment, due to the better heat transfer coefficient.