january 26, 2021.

Modernization of Kampmann fan heaters - the transition to future EC technology!

DT Termo Group is the official partner of Kampmann & ndash; a leader in innovation in the creation of heating and ventilation devices. Kampmann modernizes fan heaters in full - finally says goodbye to the old AC electric motors for fan heaters and switches to the progressive EC technology.

Why EC?

  • No unnecessary power consumption

    The electronics, in combination with the control software, optimize the fan power consumption in the equipment at every operating point. At partial load, savings are up to 70% compared to AC technology.

  • Stepless control

    The entire range of equipment is adapted to EC motors. All devices have continuous regulation. Adjust the settings for the optimal microclimate and the control does the rest.

  • Reducing noise to a minimum

    Fan heaters with modulating control, operated in the required power range, are distinguished by a minimum noise level due to the use of low-noise fans.

  • ErP is the future

    EC fan heaters will comply with all regulations and requirements within the framework of the Environmental Directive for Energy Using Devices (ErP).

For purchases of equipment and materials, write to sale@dttermo.ru , or directly to your personal manager, for technical issues technical@dttermo.ru