january 12, 2017.

Insulation made of foam rubber!

46 thousand m3 of heat insulation from foam rubber Armaflex in the year.

Dear partners, company DT Termo Group informs that Armacell has launched a complete line of thermal insulation of foamed synthetic rubber Armaflex. Annually the plant will produce more than 46 thousand m³ heat insulation made of foamed synthetic rubber.

In December 2015 was launched at full capacity the first Russian plant for the production of thermal insulation made of foam rubber Armacell company in Lobnya. The company produces pipe and sheet (roll) insulation with a thickness from 6 to 50 mm. Now its range includes all of the main line are in demand in Russia and the CIS countries of products of this type. The plant has one of the most modern production lines in the group that is able to work nonstop all year round.

the Main application of thermal insulation are Armaflex refrigeration and freezer systems; systems of conditioning, ventilation, hot and cold water, Sewerage and heating; food production; oil, gas and chemical industry. It is used to reduce heat loss, protection from condensation, freezing, corrosion and insulation of any engineering systems with temperature range from -200 to 175 degrees.

the Russian production company Armacell, a world leader in the manufacture of foam rubber, produced three types of insulation

- Armaflex ACE – universal insulation for engineering systems (application temperature from - 50 to 110°C);

- HDI Armaflex-insulation high-density industrial areas (application temperature from - 60 to 110°C);

- Armaflex HT-resistant to UV radiation, thermal insulation for use in heating, industrial and solar systems (application temperature from -200 to 150°C).

In the production of Armaflex insulation on the Russian plant special attention is paid to constant high product quality, which takes into account all the peculiarities of the Russian market. All our products are developed in our own research centre, the company meets strict European standards and ideal for use in harsh climatic conditions. This confirms the presence of such international certificates as ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. Air conditioned double-Decker trains "Aeroexpress» plying between Moscow and the airports Sheremetyevo, Domodedovo and Vnukovo, have been used the world's first insulation Armaflex corresponding to the increased fire safety requirements of EN 45545-2.

For the convenience of the selection of thermal insulation issued a catalog of products, software, installation manual, album of technical solutions for designers. Our technicians DT Termo Group are always glad to make a professional selection, to provide the necessary technical support and to organize the timely supply of materials. We also inform that our warehouse is always maintained constant stock of popular items.

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