may 06, 2022.

DTtermo employees attended a training seminar from TROX Technik

TROX is a world leader in the design and manufacture of equipment and components for ventilation and air conditioning systems. At its own facilities, it produces equipment from ventilation grilles and diffusers to vents. installations,
components for clean rooms and laboratories, control and automation systems. It has its own R&D base and testing laboratories.

The following topics were discussed at the seminar:
- changes in the line of equipment, unification of the model range of gratings, novelties;
- features and characteristics of TROX products that have no analogues;
- promotion of the most modern and economical HVAC solutions on the domestic market;
- improvements and changes in the software for working with TROX equipment;
- trends and innovations in the industry, plans for the future;
- temporary changes in the assortment, pricing policy and logistical difficulties caused by the political situation in the world;
- joint solutions to overcome the existing difficulties to ensure a reliable and transparent supply chain.

Thanks to direct contact with manufacturers and similar seminars, our employees are constantly improving and developing, have up-to-date information,
and help customers quickly find the most optimal, modern, and innovative solutions for their tasks.