august 17, 2016.

DT Termo Group - Paroc Group

Dear partners, the company " DT Termo Groups” informs that in August of 2016 became the official distributor of Paroc Group – international Finnish manufacturer of technical insulation made of stone wool.

Paroc Group offers a full range of products, including Paroc technical insulation for heating, ventilation, air conditioning, industrial equipment, and shipbuilding. Insulation is used to reduce heat loss, fire protection, protection of pipes against condensation, freezing, corrosion and insulation.

In December 2013, the opening of the first, the most modernized plant in Russia for production of basalt insulation boards and fire-resistant thermal insulation Paroc. The plant is located in Tver region. The production has the most advanced advanced production line, which runs almost silently. Made in Russia products meet all quality standards Paroc.

Due to its high melting point, Paroc stone wool is an ideal material for use in fire protection systems. It retains its properties at temperatures up to 1000 °C. Reinforced with wire mesh mats, fire-resistant plate and pipe sections can be used in all types of designs and solutions for the development of systems requiring the use of fire-resistant insulation of the channels. According to the international standard EN ISO 1182 Paroc products are classified as non-combustible material, but Paroc stone wool belongs to the class of fire resistance of the DMOS according to the Russian classification. Products provides fire protection during the entire lifetime and requires no maintenance care or maintenance.

As a pioneer in the insulation industry PAROC aims to fulfill the changing demands today's world sets for the environment. Sustainable and durable choices can ensure fire safe, energy saving and comfortable living environment, both in home and production conditions in the future. Reliable insulation solutions and unique ability to innovate are encouraged to follow the trends Paroc.

Our technicians «DT Termo Groups" are always glad to make a professional selection, to provide the necessary technical support and to organize the timely supply of materials. We also inform that our warehouse is always maintained constant stock of popular items.

For all questions please call by multichannel phone 8 800 555 23 99