april 18, 2019.

DT TERMO GROUP - meeting of distributors TERMOVENT

DT TERMO GROUP is pleased to announce that a meeting of distributors and partners of TERMOVENT –, one of the leaders in the production of ventilation equipment and panels for clean rooms, took place on April 9.

During the meeting, the founder of DT TERMO GROUP Lubomir Petrovich spoke about the history of the company and the scale of its growth from its Foundation to the present day, noting that such successful results would not have been possible without a cohesive team in the face of our partners.

The results Of the meeting once again confirmed the importance of such events. During the personal communication, the partners managed to exchange experience, discuss a number of important current issues and jointly formulate a plan for further cooperation for 2019 - 2020.

DT TERMO GROUP thanks all its partners for the fruitful and successful cooperation. For our part, we will make every effort to maintain the high level of cooperation achieved and to improve our work in the future!