august 05, 2019.

Company WILO RUS in conjunction with the company Meibes has launched a collaborative new product line!

Dear partners, the DT Termo Group company informs that in our assortment there were new production from the joint project of two known German brands which is urged to provide fast, comfortable and the most qualitative installation of a binding of boiler rooms.

So, the range of 7 articles will include for the first time groups with a direct contour, mixing groups and groups with a thermostat, as well as 2 types of collectors and a hydraulic arrow, which are designed to work in a system with a working pressure of 6 bar. All pump groups will be equipped with the most energy-efficient pumps Wilo PARA SC 25-7.0 with a pressure of 7 meters.

The Main advantage of the complex offer - several types of collectors with from 2 to 5 heating circuits and the ability to be mounted on the collector both above and below!

Unique hydraulic arrow includes air and sludge separation functions, which stabilizes and makes the system more durable.