march 30, 2016.

Children's Park Kidzania

At the end of 2015, completed the construction of the largest in Europe Children's Park "Kidzania" which is located in the shopping center "Aviapark". The total area is about 11,000 sq. m. the Official opening took place on 27 January, which was attended by the Mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobyanin.

The company DTtermo is one of the leading suppliers in the field of supply of construction projects "turnkey". At this facility, DTtermo acted as General supplier of HVAC and MC equipment and materials. Was organized in the shortest possible time a comprehensive supply of equipment, such as: air handling units, VRV systems, heat exchangers, outdoor heaters, pumps, fan coil units, grilles, valves, fittings, diffusers, insulation, fasteners etc.

In the scope of supply of ventilation equipment entered frameless air handling units with an air flow of 60 000 m3/h with rotary heat exchangers. To ensure that the cold freon air coolers were supplied condensing units.

The distinctive characteristics of ventilation equipment is a high efficiency, achieved thanks to the use of EC motors and rotary heat exchangers, which can significantly reduce the consumption of electricity.

Thanks, used in fan units, the so-called "wall of fans" air handling unit may change the operation of all operating fans, thereby making possible the operation of the entire installation, even if you fail one of the eight fans, which allows not to stop operation of the ventilation system of the premises of the Park in emergency situations.

The dispatching system was implemented, which provides centralized control and remote control of the whole complex of engineering systems of the building, such as: General ventilation system, air conditioning system, individual heating unit, lighting the common areas, switches the power distribution network, technical metering of electric power, technical accounting of water. The interface of this system is protected by login and password. On the main screen is a brief information about the object. By customer request we have added the ability to transition from the General interface to all systems, as well as to the unique sections of the inventory, the archive of events and alarms. Section “Ventilation” provides full control over the system. Schematic shows all the major indicators are on temperature, position of the air valves to the fans. The mode manual control. Section "Conditioning" that separates the object into separate zones and VRF provides a separate their regulation and monitoring.

Also unique solution to providing mobile device access engineering services "Kidzania" that allows you to obtain information on a mobile device. Data from the mobile devices are separated by purpose, volume of information and level of access to facilitate the perception by employees of engineering services "Kidzania".

Kidzania is the world's largest network of children's parks, which have two main components – development and education. The Park was established on the principle of the present town, where there are shops, restaurants, school, post office, hospital. Here children can try themselves in completely different professions – a fireman, a teacher, a chef and even an airplane pilot!

DTtermo invites You to visit the wonderful world of Kidzania with the whole family and get a lot of pleasure, joy and positive emotions!