november 23, 2018.

Certificate of conformity for Kampmann convectors!

Dear partners, we are pleased to inform you that the company DT Termo Group got the certificate of conformity for convectors Kampmann of the following types: Katherm NK, Katherm QK and PowerKon+f

This certificate became necessary after the adoption of the Russian Government decree of June 17, 2017 №717 on the introduction of mandatory certification of heating devices (radiators and convectors). The introduction of mandatory certification of equipment is ensured by their inclusion in the unified list of products subject to mandatory certification, approved by the government of the Russian Federation on December 1, 2009 № 982.

The certificate once again confirms the high quality of these products and the compliance of all the declared characteristics.

Our technical specialists of DT Thermo Group are always ready to quickly make a professional selection, provide the necessary technical support and organize the timely delivery of equipment.

For hardware purchases, please email, or directly to your personal Manager, for technical questions –

Certificate of compliance for types of convectors Kampmann Katherm QK and Katherm NK
certificate of conformity for Kampmann convectors type PowerKon+F